Understanding Business, the Law, and You

Using a comprehensive legal and business background spanning over 25 years, Big Firm Law and In-House Counsel experience, and knowledge of a variety of industries, Mitchell-Phillips Malcolm pllc has helped thousands of individuals and businesses throughout Oregon and Washington find a cost-effective, personalized, and successful solution to the most complex legal challenges.

If you are looking for high-quality, personalized, and experienced attorneys who can provide you cost-effective, practical, and effective resolutions to your legal challenges, whether big or small, then Mitchell-Phillips Malcolm pllc is for you.

Client Services

Business Transactions

Mergers & Acquisitions
Joint ventures and strategic alliances
Emerging growth companies
Corporate finance, including public
and private equity
Venture and Angel financings
and more…

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Corporate Finance

Corporate Governance
Mergers & Acquisitions
Corporate Transactions
Regulatory Compliance
Payment Systems
Privacy and more…

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Real Estate

Purchase and Sale
Commercial Leasing
and Property Management

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Criminal & Civil Litigation

Administrative Law
Arbitration and Mediation
Business and Commercial
Creditor Rights
and more…

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Estate Planning

Wills and Probate
Trust & Trust Administration
Estate Planning
Succession Planning
Power of Attorney
Advanced Directives
Guardianship & Conservatorship

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Areas of Specialty

Bankruptcy & Creditor Rights
Regulatory Compliance
Payment Systems
Employment Law
Personal Injury
Civil Rights
Insurance Coverage

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Case Studies

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S Corp Filing

When Byron and Megan Hatfield came to Mitchell-Phillips Malcolm, Inc., they were looking to form a manufacturing company in the State of Washington. After an initial consultation with Managing Member, […]


The Mitchell’s came to Mitchell-Phillips Malcolm pllc because of several garnishments served on Mrs. Mitchell’s employer. With Mr. Mitchell out of work and Mrs. Mitchell’s hours on her job reduced, they […]

Property Acquisition

The Heitman’s were from California and seeking a good attorney to assist them with the residential purchase of property in Washington. They received a recommendation to Mitchell-Phillips Malcolm pllc. They […]

Contractor Disputes

When a local contractor contacted Mitchell-Phillips Malcolm, pllc, they were distraught. They provided good quality services to a client but that client failed to pay them. Initially, they tried to […]


The Fisher’s had a problem. Mrs. Fisher’s mom died and left her an inheritance. However, her husband was on disability and receiving assistance from the government so they feared that […]

Serving Clients in the Pacific Northwest




We invite you to find out more about Mitchell-Phillips Malcolm pllc through our articles, press releases, and updates. These represent our latest ideas on legal and business trends, developments, and practical information. Please feel free to download these article, press releases, and updates and pass them on.

Do Your Contracts Work?

If you’ve ever encountered a dispute as a business owner, you probably already appreciate the importance of having a written contract. 

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Protect Your IP

If you have a business, then you have valuable intellectual property such as your business name, your ideas, your trademarks, your patents, your copyrights, etc. 

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Is It Time to Organize Your Business?

Whether your corporation is small or large, an important aspect of maintaining and protecting the advantages of the corporate form is the regular observance of corporate formalities.

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